Cafe Hopping, Tokyo

中目黒のアーティーなカフェ / Arty cafe in Nakameguro

中目黒駅の高架下がカッコイイことになったのはいつからだろう… ご飯屋さんも雑貨屋さんもセンスの良い店舗が並んでいて、線路沿いを楽しみながら調子よく歩けるので、私も気づけば駅から結構な距離を歩くことが多くなりました。

Since when did the area under the Nakameguro Station rail get so trendy? Now it’s lined with trendy restaurants and shops. Since I noticed everyone having fun walking along the street, I’ve started doing it too.

そんな中私がこの高架下になんともスタイリッシュなカフェを見つけたのは1年ほど前。中目黒駅から徒歩5約のところに佇むartless craft tea & coffeeです。初めて入った時以来私のお気に入りカフェの一つとなりました。

Anyway, I found this incredibly sophisticated cafe in that area under the rail about a year ago. The artless craft tea & coffee cafe is a 5 minute walk from the station. It has become one of my favorite cafes since the first time I visited.



Coffee and Green tea. Trend and Tradition. The artless craft tea & coffee skillfully takes elements from two extremes to create their own style. I really like this idea.



Naturally, their taste is reliable too. They carefully select organic beans and tea leaves from small but exclusive farms.  Also, drinks are brewed one-by-one to draw for maximum flavor.

Another attractive point is a unique atmosphere. The café itself is well designed as their craft cups and goods, making for an overall sleek, artistic.


Although I found that many places in Tokyo has developed dramatically while I was in overseas, Nakameguro station is definitely a remarkable one.

If you have chance to visit, take a look at upscale shops and enjoy a cup of joe at the cafe.


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