About CT

こんにちは!Caffeinated Traveler を訪れて下さってありがとうございます。 自身がニューヨーク滞在中に日記のように書いていたKuminy Roomの新バージョンがこちら、Caffeinated Traveler です。NYから東京への引越しをきっかけに立ち上げました。

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting Caffeinated Traveler. This is a new version of “Kuminy Room”, the one I have been writing when I was living in NY. Since I moved back to Tokyo, I have launched this new website called “Caffeinated Traveler”.

軸のテーマはNYの時と変わらず “素敵な場所、カフェ、旅情報を独自の視点で発信するサイト” ですが、舞台が変わります。主に取り上げるのは東京、そして出身地である愛媛について。世界の様々な街で生活し、色々なものを見てきても、ふと帰るとまだ見つかる日本の魅力や面白い場所をご紹介できればと考えています。

The main theme is “Share information that I think is interesting” – same as the NY version but with new, exciting locations, mainly around Tokyo and my hometown, Ehime.

Although I have visited, and lived in a number of cities in the world, I often find new and unique things in my hometown that I think worth introducing a wider audience.


Also, all articles are written in both English and Japanese to share with people all over the world.


Please leave comments if you have something that you would like to see featured.  I am always up for finding something new.