Cafe Hopping, Ehime

Art and Cafe in Ehime – MUSTAKIVI – design of Ehime+Finland

Ehime + Finland - MUSTAKIVI プロデューサーはマリメッコのデザイナー。

There is a shop/cafe gallery that has the taste of Finland in but is located in Ehime. Since I was attracted by the combination of its Finnish design and Ehime’s traditional products in the shop, it became one of my go to place every time I came back to Matsuyama.

愛媛に北欧、フィンランドの香りがするカフェギャラリーがあります。 北欧の洗練されたデザイン性と愛媛の特徴がほどよく調和している感じが好きで、今では私が帰省する度に立ち寄る場所の一つです。

MUSTAKIVI was produced by Mr. Fujio Ishimoto, who is based in Finland and well recognized for his work as a designer for Marimekko, In addition to main art work designed by Mr. Fujio, there are a selection of beautiful items available for purchase. Tobeyaki pottery, Yokan (a thick sweetened and jellied bean paste) and tea leafs – seeing these Ehime products that infused with the essence of Finnish design is very interesting.

そんなMUSTAKIVIをプロデュースしたのは、フィンランド在住、マリメッコのデザイナーとして有名な石本 藤雄氏。1階には石本さんのデザイン作品を中心に、砥部焼・羊羹・お茶 など、愛媛の伝統と味覚に北欧のデザインが加わった素敵な品々が並びます。 見ているだけでとても楽しい。

You can find a café back of the shop and there is a gallery in the basement. It is a perfect spot to drop by.



Last time I visited, they had many kinds of vivid-colored matcha drinks on the menu. They provide seasonal drinks in addition to its regular offerings.


I recommend this shop for various people including those who want to relax with good drinks, look for great souvenirs, or are simply interested in art.


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