Ehime mi-ka-n. – みかん。

When we talk about Ehime, mi-ka-n(Japanese citrus = Orange.) would be an unavoidable topic. I’m sure all Japanese readers are thinking “Sure enough…!”

When I say “I’m from Ehime” in the conversation with people I first meet, Japanese people usually yell “Ohhhhh! mi-ka-n!!”, whereas most foreigners would ask “Where is it?”

To the latter,  Ehime is the largest producer of citrus and second largest producer of Orange in Japan.

愛媛と言えばまずはミカンのお話。今この記事を読んでいる人のほとんどが『やっぱりね。』と思っていることでしょう。 初対面の人との会話に出てくる『どこ出身?』という問いに愛媛と答えると、日本の人には『あー!みかん!』と言われ、海外の人には『どこ?』と言われるのがセットフレーズ。『どこ?』と言う派の皆様、愛媛は日本でみかんの生産量第2位、そして柑橘系の生産量は日本一の件なのですよ。

Anyhow, there is a huge variety of this seemingly ordinary fruit. Even same kind of orange tastes different if it grew in different area. The orange in the picture below look all the same but half of them are from Maana and the other half are from Akehama. According to the locals, the most popular one is currently “BENI MADONNA” Don’t you want to taste all of them and taste the difference??


Although an actual taste test is difficult depending on the season, we can compare them in how they’re used in juice, jelly, and gelato. Allow me to explain.


Juice and Gelato (10 FACTORY)

It’s already well known since featured by many guide books, but a place called 10 FACTORY has many variety of mi-ka-n juice and gelato and their tasting menu of juice is very popular. They will also let you find a new flavor like “Sesami+Orange Gelato”. If you like  alcohol, you should try the mi-ka-n beer.

愛媛にはジュースやジェラートの食べ比べが出来る場所がいくつかあります。代表的なのは 10 FACTORY。もうあらゆるガイドブックに載っているので、知る人も多いはず。比べるだけでなく、『ゴマ+ミカン ジェラート』など、新しい味に出会えるのも特徴。お酒好きさんには、みかんビールだってご用意あり。

This shop provides sophisticated and delicious citrus items in many forms. It’s not surprising that they launched a new official shop in Tokyo Ginza last year!



My recommendation for souvenirs is the flavorful jellys. I’ve brought them countless times to my friends and even outside of Japan. They’re very easy to eat and suitable for both kids and adults. It’s fun to compare the flavors and find your own favorite.

みかんを比べられるお土産としてご紹介したいのはこの “ちゅうちゅうゼリー”。私はお土産として日本だけでなく、海外にも何度となく持ち出しました。食べやすく、子供にも大人にも喜ばれるので、売り出された頃からリピート買い。色々な種類を食べ比べて、自分好みのものを見つけるのも楽しい。

Ehime  mi-ka-n attract people from all over the world. I hope you get a chance to visit this mi-ka-n Kingdom.


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