Ehime’s organic, top quality Japanese candle; Wa-rousoku 和蝋燭


これは愛媛の隠れた特産品。 愛媛県内では原料のハゼの実がよく取れることも関係しているようで、全国にある和蝋燭屋さんの中にも『ハゼの実は愛媛から取り寄せて作っている!』というお店があったりするほどだそうです。

There is a touch of winter in the air and I’m sure that you are looking for something warm in your room.

Well, if you come to Ehime in this season, Wa-rousoku (Japanere candle // rousoku means Candle in Japanese) is the one to check out. It is one of Ehime’s specialty goods.

Although there are many traditional Japanese candle shops all over the country, Ehime is the place can grow wax tree (Haze-nuts) well. I’ve heard that some shops outside of Ehime are importing materials from here because of the quality of wax trees.


I understand that Japanese candle gives us image of Buddhist service in general and Western candles are more popular as an interior or aroma. However, it is actually very useful in our everyday life and has many advantages as a candle.

まず石油で作られているものがほとんどの洋蝋燭に比べ、和蝋燭は植物油で作られているということ。芯も糸ではなく、い草が原料になっているので基本的に全てが植物由来なのです。 また、芯が太いため炎が強く大きいにも関わらず排出される煙が少ない。環境にも健康にも優しい蝋燭です。

First of all, we use all natural ingredients for Japanese candle. While most of western candles are made of microcrystalline wax, Japanese ones are made of vegetable oil. We use rush instead of string for wick.  Additionally, it discharge less smoke despite its big, strong frame. It’s environmentally friendly as well.


I sometimes pick up decorated rousoku as a gift. It is a rousoku painted by beautiful flowers or seasonal fruits.


The only shop, which hand making Japanese candles in Ehime is Omori wa-rousoku (= Japanese candle). It located Uchiko-cho, where we can reach from Matsuyama-city in 25min by JR Express or 60min by JR local. The shop has a history of over 200 years and you can still observe their factory. Since there are many sightseeing place around the shop, you will enjoy walking around the area if you visit have chance to visit Uchiko.


“Ehime- Wa- rousoku” is organic, top quality candle. This gentle but powerful flame makes us warm physically and mentally. It hasn’t change since the old days.

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