Exploring Restaurant in Tokyo

Last weekend, we were looking at cherry blossom buds that are almost ready to blossom while taking a walk from Nakameguro to Daikanyama.


We happened to find a chique French restaurant near Mekiri-zaka. It is about a 5 minute walk from  Nakameguro station. Because it is not the easiest location to find, you might miss it without intentionally looking for it.


We entered the restaurant with excitement and nervousness but a very friendly waiter welcomed us and asked “How did you find here? Did you hear about us from someone?”

I don’t know the specific details but it sounds like the restaurant might has been in hiatus before making come back with its original chef.


The lunch we had that day was your choice of pasta with a fresh vegetable salad and warm, tasty bread. First of all, nutritious fresh juice was served. It contains many kinds of fruits and vegetables and even the waiter couldn’t remember all of ingredients!

For the pasta, you can choose from a selection of great tomato, cream, oil and basil based sauces, each with matching ingredients. Both the pasta and salad were full of seasonal fresh vegetables. It was a perfect lunch for someone who loves vegetables like me.



It’s fun to visit trendy restaurants but I realized unexpectedly having a quality meal at a restaurant in known to me gives more unique experience sometimes. I felt lucky today.


If you have chance to come to this area, please look for this restaurant – Rue de Legumes.

もし近くに来ることがあれば、探してみて下さいね。レストランの名前は Rue de Legumes です。



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