Where to get NY bagels in Ehime. 愛媛でNYベーグル

The New York Bagels that I remember were always comfortably thick and round, with a chewy crust and slightly dense interior that matched a large variety of creams and other foods.


However, finding Japanese bagels that accurately capture the NY taste can be difficult even in a multicultural city like Tokyo. Can I find more with some research?


While reminiscing about NY bagels, my research led me to NAVY BAGELS – a bagel shop in my hometown of Matsuyama, Ehime.

I was really impressed by their delicious and authentic NY-style bagels. The atmosphere in the shop is homey and charming.  Locals says it’s been popular for a long time and this shop’s signature bagel isactually  the bagel called “Shirokuma (Pole bare bagel)” – Photogenic bagel that is filled with fluffy cream cheese and fruit.  However, I brought only NY bagels back to Tokyo since it was my first visit and I was too excited about it.

と、ベーグルが恋しくなってきたころに見つけたのが、地元松山の“NAVY BAGELS”。思いがけないベーグルショップの発見と、味の良さに感動したのを覚えています。 お店の雰囲気もアットホームでチャーミング。地元っ子によると私が帰国するずっと前からあったそうで、“白くま” というインスタ映え必至のベーグルがとても有名とのこと。ただ、初めてだった私はNYベーグルに出会えた嬉しさのあまり東京までNYベーグルをばかりを持ち帰ったものです。

‐ What’s the definition of a NY Bagel?

What exactly is so different from other Japanese bagels?  Well, NAVY BAGELS gets the thickness and the dense, chewy interior right.  The variety is impressive and includes tasty regulars like “sesame” and “everything” bagels. Like Japan, other bagels around the world tend to be softer and lighter.

– 何がNYっぽいのか?


Also, chunky cream cheese mixed with salmon & avocado or fruits & nuts reminds me bagel shops in NY.  It’s very normal to see the line up of many kinds of cream cheese over there. Although bagel sandwiches are great, it’s fun to enjoy the combination of bagels and cream cheese.


-They don’t forget Japanese hearts.

Another attraction at this shop is their original, Japanese-style bagels. They call these “wa-bagels” as the “wa”(or more specifically “和” ) prefix generally denotes “Japanese-style” .  Everything including flavors and texture are perfectly rearranged for Japanese people, so that locals can enjoy both styles.  It’s very different from NY style.  I’d like someone who doesn’t know about Japanese-style baking to taste one of their “wa-bagels”




-Last but not least…

I found “NAVY BAGELS looking for NY- style bagels but, this shop’s signature bagel is actually the “Shirokuma (Pole bare)” bagel .  This photogenic bagel is filled with fluffy cream cheese and fruit. They have such a playful spirit.


私はNYベーグルを求めて“NAVY BAGELS”にたどり着いたわけですが、このお店のをご紹介する上で外せないのが“白くまベーグル”。軽めのクリームチーズにフルーツがサンドされたもので、ビジュアルもインスタ映え必至の人気者です。こんな遊び心があるところも素敵ですね。

Anyway, what do you think about this bagel shop?  If you are looking for good bagels in Japan, I recommend you go visit NAVY BAGELS in Matsuyama.  You won’t be disappointed.

さて、愛媛・松山にあるベーグル屋さん“NAVY BAGELS”、どうでしょう?




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