New York

Tiffany on the 5th Avenue in NY


I visited Tiffany for the first time in a while last month. A poppy designed exhibition space caught my eyes as soon as I entered the front door and realized that something is different from usual Tiffany shop…


ちょうど “Make it my Tiffany” のプロモーションが行われていたようで、いつもより少しポップなデコレーションが施された店内は歩く度にワクワク感を倍増させる空間となっていたのでご紹介。

They were having a promotion for “Make it my Tiffany” and those decorations made me more exciting to walk around the shop.

自分へだけでなく、彼へ、彼女へ、そして愛犬へ。今ティファニーはカスタマイズするのがトレンドのよう。Tiffanyというブランド力の上に“自分だけの”という更なる特別感を作るという発想はやはり多くの人を惹きつけるのでしょうね。 結局のところ諦めましたが、私も一瞬プレゼントに何かメッセージを入れようか悩んだものです。

Not only for myself, for him, for her, and for your pet. It looks like a trend to customize you and your loved one’s items at Tiffany recently.  Adding “personal” value on top of the gorgeous brand name apparently attracts more people.  Although I end up with not making customized one but I actually consider about it for a while.




It’s truly a New York brand. There are other places you can find Tiffany in NYC. For example, the big clock on the top of the Grand Central Station is the biggest clock Tiffany has ever made. Believe it or not, NY Yankees logo was designed by Tiffany company, too. In recent news, they have also partnered with the Whitney museum. It’s getting more interesting isn’t it?

さて、もう少し寒くなったらティファニーの店舗はクリスマス使用に様変わりします。私はこれが大好き。NYは街中のお店がデコレーションでキラキラし始めるのですが、中でもティファニーは見物です。特に買う(買える?笑。) ものはなくても、自分の美意識を上げる為に足を運びたいな、と思える場所です。

When it gets colder, their decorations in the shop will be changed to Christmas version.  Not only Tiffany but also entire city will start twinkling in few months but it’s worth dropping by Tiffany’s on the 5th avenue even though nothing to purchase. It’s my favorite and I believe it will satisfy your aesthetic sense.



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