Cafe Hopping, Tokyo

Worth a visit cafe in Tokyo – ヒキダシ カフェ


My rare weekday’s off tend to be my “café” days. It’s enjoyable and makes me feel special to spend relaxing time in sophisticated, usually packed on a weekend, type of cafe.



The cafe I visited the other day had so many drawers.

住宅街を歩いていたらヒョコッと現れた…その名もヒキダシ カフェ。

It suddenly came up on it when I was walking around a residential area. The name of café is Hikidashi café (Drawer café).


Drawer and Cafe. It’s an unusual combination but I couldn’t resist to enter since it has such a nostalgic and stylish atmosphere.


We usually write the word “drawer” in Kanji.  So, seeing the name written in Katakana makes it more unique. Very cool.


Naturally, there are shelves that have many drawers and each shelf is filled with modern, handmade-style goods and accessories. It gives us the feeling that we are having tea at a specialty shop. Their food and drinks also taste delicious.


Stumbling upon such a unique cafe is one of Kiyosumi Shirakawa area’s interesting points. Hikidashi is not too flashy but has enough class to grab anyone’s attention. Many people come over repeatedly to find something special.

そんな散歩中に見つけたら、ちょっと寄り道してほしいヒキダシ カフェ。オススメです。

If you have a chance to visit the Kiyosumi Shirakawa area, I recommend visiting Hikidashi-cafe.


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